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At the heart of the Community Resilience Project is the objective of building self-sustaining peoples in three Caribbean Communities; St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Suriname and Belize. There are three communities in SVG which are targeted for special intervention; Paget Farm, Buccament and Overland/Magum. The intervention will be guided by the themes listed below:
Climate Change

Climate change is likely to have dramatic impacts on coastal communities as observed in Paget Farm and Overland/ Magum. There is urgent need to adapt to successfully cope with the changing environment. The CRB Project uses a participatory and transformative method to work with communities in responding to climate change. Two of our CRB communities have conceptualized Micro Projects as a vehicle towards mitigating climate change.

Child Protection

The majority of persons affected in emergencies are often children and they face a number of risks including sexual and physical abuse, child labour and neglect among others. Children are our greatest asset and everyone interacting with children is responsible for child protection. To this end, the CRB Project will be training volunteers and other persons in the minimum standards Child Protection in Emergencies.

Protection against Sexual Exploitation

Vulnerable persons, regardless of age and gender, are often the targets of persons and situations who will do them harm, including sexual exploitation. The CRB project targets vulnerability at the root by providing avenues for social, emotional and financial wellbeing through community microprojects in the project communities. It also allows for empowerment through the provision of opportunities to give back positively to the community; placing tools for use in the fight against sexual exploitation in the hands of potential victims and the people who will fight for and alongside them in their communities and nationwide.

Protection Gender and Inclusion

The CRB Project is guided by the IFRC modus operandi In the IFRC framework “Protection Gender and Inclusion (PGI) is built on people-centred approach to ensure that Red Cross and Red Crescent programming and operations promote the dignity, access, participation, and safety of all girls, boys, women and men based on their different needs, capacities and vulnerabilities, and without discrimination based on age, gender, disability, religious, race, or legal status. In emergency operations, PGI activities focus on mainstreaming in all sectors and more specialised activities that protect people at risk of harm due to who they are.

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